2021 is here and there is no end in sight...

If you are struggling with Anxiety, Depression, or Addiction, you are not alone. We are here to help.

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Healing Anxiety, Depression & Addiction

Unconventional Solutions for the World's Most Pervasive Problems




I couldn't breathe. My head was spinning. My hands were shaking uncontrollably. I felt helpless. 

I couldn't move. My body felt like a ton of bricks. Everything in my life was spiraling. I felt weak and useless. 

I couldn't stop. Trading one destructive habit for another. Lying to myself that I had control. I felt like a total failure. 

I used to think that I was the only one who felt this way. I never believed that my life could be any different or that there might be something beyond the endless self-criticism.

Yet. somewhere in me, I held a little ray of hope that something would change. Somehow. Some way. 

And one day it did. Not overnight. Not without some serious effort. Nevertheless, the change was undeniable. 

More calm and quiet in my head- the angry voices gradually fading down. 

More focus and motivation. Less days falling into the void of darkness trying to numb the pain any way I could. 

More control. Understanding the nature of my addiction and actually being able to choose something different. 

If you have hope that things can be different for you. 

If you are willing to put in the effort and do the work. 

If you are ready to take a step forward. 

You are in the right place. I can help. I want to help. 

Let's start the journey. 

The Mystic Next Door

My Name is Nick. They call me The Mystic Next Door. 

It's been a long journey. Well over 20 years now. I got into personal development because I was a mess, frankly speaking. 

Frustrated. Angry. Full of insecurity and self-criticism. Feeling like I never fit in. Successful, but never reaching my potential. 

I didn't like feeling that way, but I thought I'd look weak if I told anyone about it, so I hid it all away. Usually behind a smile...

...but when that stopped working I'd get real angry so people would leave me alone. Then I would feel even more lonely and disconnected.

So to numb the pain and quiet the voices in my head, I'd use drugs, drink, pop pills, binge TV and video games- anything I could to get lost for a while. 

It was an endless cycle that led to some dark dark places. 

For many years, it felt like one endless loop, with my happiness always on the other side of the next bend in the road, without ever actually arriving.

After a long long time, I finally started to see the patterns and understand each of the states I was cycling through, and how they fit together. 

This helped me start to gain some control. Because solving anxiety is different from getting your butt off the couch when you're depressed. 

I learned that each of these conditions is characterized by a corresponding energetic state. To move out of it, you need to neutralize and shift the energy. And to do that, you need a process. 



Spinning thoughts. Doubt. Worry. Overwhelm. Fear. Feeling unsafe. 

Anxiety cripples action, which causes more doubt, which causes more worry, overwhelm, and fear, which makes it harder to make decisions and take action. 

Some people set themselves on fire in a flurry of action and burn out physically and mentally in short order. 

Others are crippled into inaction and turn in on themselves. 

Most people do both to some degree. 

Energetically, this would look like a bundle of frayed live wires with sparks flying everywhere.

Closing all of those open loops, and learning to channel your energy more purposefully is a great start. However, to fully heal Anxiety, we need to solve the underlying issues or doubt, worry, and fear that keep sending everything spinning though. 

Once that is done, you can have a radically different experience of life. 



When someone is in a depressive state, Energy slows down, and starts to gets stuck. 

Lethargy sets in. Then inertia. 

It can show up physically, feeling exhausted. Emotions become stuck and stagnant, which is why it feels so difficult to pull yourself out of it. Mentally, we lack the resources to fully engage the brain in decision making processes. 

In order to move out of this state, things need to move.

Not just physically. I know plenty of people who are in great shape and totally depressed. The emotions need healthy expression as well, and the mind needs to reengage in productive (note that I didn't say "positive" activities. 

But since inertia has set in, getting things going isn't as easy as just going for a jog or listening to some happy music. 

Solving Depression is like turning back on a complex piece of machinery. There is a sequence to getting your body, emotions, and brain all back online and moving in the right direction.  



Addiction comes in countless forms. I'd like to say that you know it when you see it, but you usually don't until it's too late. That's kind of the whole problem. 

I could write a book- maybe someday I will- but for now, understand that addiction is the result of disconnection. 

It's reaching for something that will somehow fill the void we feel inside, distract us from the deeper issues, and numb the pain.

Except is doesn't. It only makes it worse. 

People who are happy, healthy, and fulfilled don't struggle with addiction. 

If you have addiction, I want you to know that it is not something you have to live with for the rest of your life, like so many people say. 

Energetically, the mind and emotions are running unproductive loops creating habitual behavior. Often, people wait until something terrible happens before they finally face the truth about where they're at. 

There is a process to healing this, and the first step of solving addiction isn't what most people think. 

Where you begin that process depends on the nature of your addiction and the issues driving it. To start the conversation, go here and fill out the form. 

Going Down the Rabbit Hole...

Over time, I began to discover the common issues driving these patterns. They were related in ways I didn't expect.

There was the sense of shame, like somehow I didn't deserve to be happy and successful. The self punishment that came from feeling guilty about all the bad choices I made- like there was something fundamentally wrong with me. 

And of course, the endless addictions that came along with my deep feelings of disconnection, self-criticism and disappointment. 

When I look back, it all makes so much sense, and as I help people walk through their own unique process to heal these things, I continually discover ways that these issues intertwine and overlap, which helps me to help people more quickly and efficiently.

It's kind of like untangling a knotted up ball of thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and energy. When you find the right leverage point, everything loosens up and starts to move more easily. 

You've got to do the work, and stay with for sure. But we also need to find a new way moving forward so that all those things don't get tangled up again. This is the difference between true healing, and perpetual recovery.